Feature Spotlight: Our new stack is out!

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May 13, 2016
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Feature Spotlight: Our new stack is out!

It’s been quite some time since our last blog post, we’ve been working behind the scenes on releasing our new stack having listened to the feedback of our members.

We are proud to announce that we’re here and the new version of our stack is here! The majority of our current members are already benefiting from our new stack.

Our new stack includes the following features to make your sites load blazing fast!


  • Tweaks have been made for better memory management, one of the core issues particularly with our WPHS 1024 package was that it was causing crashes at times to MariaDB due to lack of memory. A large number of tweaks were made to address that in our new stack aswell as we’ve upgraded the RAM of our WPHS 1024 package to 2GB instead of 1GB.
  • Our stack comes with the latest version of Nginx supporting TLS v1.3, Cloudflare HTTP/2 HPack aswell as Brotli compression by default.
  • We fully support out of the box Nginx fastcgi_cache caching aswell as Redis full page caching, WP Super Cache, WP Rocket and Cache Enabler. Support for W3 Total Cache out of the box has been dropped due to issues experienced frequently by our members.
  • As always our stack utilizes the latest version of MariaDB providing performance improvements over Mysql. Additionally the system automatically performs maintenance and optimization tasks weekly to keep your databases healthy.
  • We’ve optimized Nginx with load balancing on PHP-FPM pools via unix sockets.


  • We’ve deploy Nginx directives to secure WordPress by denying PHP execution in uploads and cache directories and provide DoS protection by rate limiting connections.
  • We’ve added ClamAV for real time malware scanning of your sites.
  • TLS v1.2 and TLS v1.3 protocols support with strong ciphers_suite and ECDHE forward secrecy. OCSP stapling and HSTS support by default.
  • We’ve included UFW firewall in replacement to CSF, to keep your server safe and secured with minimal footprint.
  • Fail2ban has also been added to our stack with custom filters and jails to secure SSH and FTP ports along with integration with Nginx to secure the WordPress login page again DoS attacks.
  • LetsEncrypt is still included ofcourse with support for domains, subdomains aswell as WildCard Let’s Encrypt ECDSA (faster/stronger than RSA) SSL certificates with 384 bits ECC private keys.
  • All VPS’s have automated security updates.
  • FTP ports are secured with SSL/TLS.
  • All recommended security headers included. Such as X-Frame-Options, X-XSS-Protection, X-Content-Type-Options and Referrer-Policy.


  • Our number-1 most frequently asked feature! FTP! FTP is now available on our stack on a per domain basis with different FTP accounts for each domain.
  • Web-dashboard, we developed a simple web dashboard to display the main metrics of your VPS, a file manager and links to all tools installed on your VPS such as phpMyAdmin for database management and Netdata for performance monitoring.
  • Using Netdata we offer a real time monitoring suite with Nginx PHP-FPM, MariaDB & Redis metrics.
  • SSL certificate renewals are fully automated with no user intervention necessary.

Coming Soon!

We’re working on further enhancing our web interface by providing the ability to create new WordPress sites directly through our web interface! Stay tuned!


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